Astoria Welfare society

Astoria Welfare Society is a non-profit community organization that aims to alleviate food insecurity in the borough of Queens, New York. 

AWS was originally founded in 2019 to provide free Halal grocery items to the many low income muslim families that reside in Western Queens.

No other organization provided Halal Groceries at this time, making Astoria Welfare Society the first nonprofit in New York City to meet this unique community need. 

Today, they have since expanded their outreach efforts, partnering with other nonprofit organizations to provide various types of aid to thousands of low income families each month with diverse backgrounds and needs

Our objectives

Our guiding principle at the Astoria Welfare Society USA is that serving humanity means serving the Almighty (God). Regardless of faith, nationality, caste, or creed, we are dedicated to helping people in need.


To serve the underprivileged and pave the way for success is our mission


To help those who are burdened by society to become productive is our vision


To do the work of enabling the disabled humanity of society and get satisfaction from it is our passion

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