About Astoria Welfare Society of USA

In the United States, we are focused on providing food, health care services, educational materials, culturally-sensitive shelter for women, their children, and families in need, as well as healthy nutrition to our schoolchildren and seniors. Lunch will be served at the Astoria Welfare Society in 2020.

Our initiatives assist those who are in need of food, clothing, education, and medical treatment. Together with other life-related services, we also offer transactional living, foster care, carrier council, meals on wheels for elders, and support for refugees.

 Astoria Welfare Society was founded to support welfare initiatives aimed at reducing human suffering and improving society in general, especially for the weak, defenseless, and underprivileged. Resist exploitation, injustice, and corruption against any person, group of people, or community in society as a whole.

building a stronger community,
one meal at a time