Feed our neighbors,

Feed our community.

Donate to our organization because your donation will bring the welfare of humanity under our supervision.

You can donate

  • One-time donation.
  • Annual Donation.
  • Monthly donation.
  • Lifetime Donation Member.
  • donate to any specific person.
  • donate to any department

or how you donate. Join us in the service of humanity. And contact us. Your donation will reach its rightful place with 100% assurance.

Why should you donate to the Astoria Welfare Society?

  • Our Donation Financial Committee consists of financial overseers from among the donors in addition to the organization’s own person for cent % transparency.
  • We are a nonprofit organization that gives charities strong fundraising tools so they can focus on their missions rather than administration.
  • Your donations are safely sent to charity so they can start working right away.
  • Receive a timely tax receipt and reminders around tax time. Increase your tax credits while also making a difference.