Our Services

Through free grocery distributions, community fridges, covid relief, and much more, we have helped thousands of families in queens from varying backgrounds get the support they need.

Astoria Welfare Society


  • Seniors’ halal meals are delivered on wheels.
  • Distribution of halal food and essential items.
  • Food supply during Ramadan
  • Academic supplies distribution
  • Distribution of necessary materials, including food, at various festivals.
  • Astoria Welfare Society Holiday Toy Drive.
  • Organized road fair for refreshments.
  • Relief program (disaster relief).
  • Transitional living.
  • Prison Visiting
  • Hospital Visiting
  • Clothes Donation.
  • Community gathering.
  • Programs for unemployment benefits.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance
  • Advantages for family allowance.
  • Medical care initiatives
    Nutritional support.
  • Public Benefits.
  • Partnership in marriage.
  • Standing by such a helpless population
  • Career counseling.

Grocery Distribution

The Astoria Welfare Society feeds between 7,000 and 10,000 families each month though grocery distribution events. At each event, thousands of pounds of fresh vegetables, meat, dairy products, rice, beans, and more is sorted and packed into grocery bags, which is then distributed to all who attend. Our distribution events are open to all, and 100% of the food we supply at these events is certified Halal.

Check our event page section of this site to find out about our next event!

Covid 19 relief

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Community fridges

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